Monday, July 3, 2017

Hacker?! Weird Glitch!

  Hey guys, Kim here. So a few days ago, when I was on AJ this weird glitch repetitively happend. Whenever I'd click a buddy and try to follow them it was say "nulls den" and I tried looking at my other buddies and they were also at this "nulls den". Honestly I was like well lets go to "nulls" den cause everyone seems to be there. But it just made me reload. Now I had decided to research more about this and "null" means 0 in hacking terms. Also many Jammers are experiencing this as well (let me know if you have) it hasn't happened to me today so I don't have a screenshot of that but I do have a screen shot of "null" but his animal wouldn't show up.

The weird thing is though, that he/she hasn't been on in more than 30 days. Maybe AJ fixed the glitch cause it doesn't show that my friends are at "null's den" anymore. Anyways, that's all for this post. Sorry for a short post but this was the only glitch that I had experienced recently. Goodbye for now Jammers!

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