Friday, April 8, 2016

Mail time?

Hey guys It's HarmonyPurr9 here! Today I will be talking about Mailtime. Anyway should I do Mailtime? It's hard work but fun. I could get your Jam-a-Grams (JAGS) and post them on here, gifts or not.
I could just post pictures like that nonstop and leave my thoughts on it bellow. Also thank Neros1234, Author of The Animal Jam Potato For this Mailtime idea! Also what else should I post on here? Play Wild Posts? How to get spikes and rares posts? Should we have AJ JUMP weekly tournaments (sounds fun huh?!) I have no idea. (At all) of what I should post on here. Anyway I'm gonna end this short post here... Bye Delinquents!

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